We are official distributor of Weidmann since 2011, currently covering the markets of Spain, Portugal and Maghreb, and being present in all the OEMs of this region.

Together with our partner Weidmann, we offer the most suitable insulation solutions, from cardboard and paper to customized components, regardless of the degree of complexity required by their applications.

Cardboard sheets

We offer a wide range of transformerboards. Available in thicknesses from 1 mm up to 200 mm, produced with different manufacturing methods: calendered, laminated structures, hot or corrugated drying, all of them complying with IEC standards ensuring long-term dimensional stability.


Wide range of cellulose-based insulating papers, ranging from untreated Kraft paper to creped, epoxied, laminated, calendered as well as thermally upgraded papers.

In addition to the highest level of quality, reliability, know-how, … offered by Weidmann, TMG has the required capabilities to respond to the market in terms of delivery time, flexibility, response level to different formats, sizes and dimensions, …