Productive capabilities

Our capabilities consist of a high level of equipment that allows us to offer the following standard services.
In addition to a large range of standard products and services, TMG offers customized solutions on demand.



Rewinding of logs and jumbo rolls from 2 mm to 2500 mm width, thicknesses 25 microns to 1,4 mm. We also offer coils with and without a core, and up to an outer diameter of 500 mm.


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Slitting logs and jumbo rolls with standard sizes from 2 mm up to 2500 mm width and thicknesses that can vary between 25 microns and 1.4 mm.


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Capability to laminate up to 4 layers of adhesive combining different layers of materials and a maximum width of 1600 mm.



Capability to die-cut any figure up to a maximum of 1,045 mm width. We have a wide range of standard dies with the possibility of making customized die tools at very competitive cost



We offer a wide range of sophisticated machined parts, standard and customized, for distribution and power transformers.


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Capability to manufacture customized kits for insulation of distribution and power transformers.

Service capabilities

In addition to the high level of quality, reliability, know-how and engineering products that we offer, TMG works continuously to fulfil the market demand in terms of delivery time, flexibility, response level to different formats, sizes and dimensions within a growing, changing and demanding market.


  • Ability to develop special products tailor-made.

  • Excellence in the production, control and traceability processes.

  • Adaptability to the logistic requirements of the customer (Kanban, Just in Time, consignment, etc.).

  • Flexibility and simplicity (deliveries DDP to customers).

  • Expertise in logistics (import, export, taxes, clearance customs, etc.).

  • Advanced planning and forecasting tools that guarantee an adequate response to market demand.

Capacidades de servicio



TMG has a deep commitment to continuous improvement, quality and customer’s satisfaction, ensuring that our products and services always meet the legal and customer requirements.

Quality is for TMG the engine of operational excellence and sustainability, as well as boost for innovation, continuous improvement of processes and products and customer´s satisfaction.

ISO 9001: 2015 certification is the manifest of such commitment.

iso 9001:2015

Commited to…


Ethics, integrity, honesty, efficacy and transparency in all our actions constitute and are essential corporate values in TMG.

We have a Compliance Certification that constitutes an explicit and precise statement of the values, principles and guidelines of the daily behaviour of the entire organization.


At TMG, teamwork, as well as total transparency and communication in all the senses of the organization, is our way of achieving the success of the company’s mission.

The contribution of each member of the team allows the progress of TMG. We are committed to the people that comprise it: we work to ensure their health and safety, focus on training and continuous development, willingness to reconcile work and personal life and ensure equal opportunities in the workplace.


We believe that respect for the environment is a matter for all the society. Aware of the impact that our activities have on the environment, we are committed to acting respecting the environment and promoting sustainable development.


We are committed to the communities in which we develop our activity and in this sense, we carry out some actions that contribute to the development and well-being of the people who form them.
There are many interest groups to which this commitment involves, as employees, suppliers, customers and the societies themselves in which we carry out our activity.


Food collection campaign: every year both employees and the company itself collaborate in the collection of food and basic necessities for the less-favoured families.

Solidarity gifts: every year the economic value of our Christmas gift package is entirely donated to a project of international or national solidarity.


Colaboramos con diversos centros educativos con el objetivo de acercar el mundo empresarial a las aulas mediante la incorporación de estudiantes en prácticas.

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Cooperation with the various local, county, regional and business organizations to promote the development of the area and promote the creation of employment.

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General Sale Conditions

There are no problems, only situations that require appropriate solutions.